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Colorful Pay and Holiday Postal Calendar for 2014 (PDF)

Thanks to Jim Edwards, Bloomington IL Area APWU Local 228 for sharing calendar with PostalReporter readers. The easy to read colorful calendar shows paydates, pay periods and holidays.


Website Displays Postal Employees Names, Salaries, Position, Date Hired And Work Facility
FSS Deployment Schedule
Flat Sequencing System Photos, Deployment Schedule By Zip Code and More..
Postal Employee Legal Cases


News from Postalblog

CBRE CEO also serves on Board of Staples

Buried in the story is an interesting fact that no one seems to have noted before: CBRE CEO Robert Sulentic also serves on the board of Staples, a position for which he received $300,000 in 2011. “Asked whether he had played a role in the retailer’s USPS pilot program, a USPS spokesperson answered that the program ‘was solicited publicly through a [Request for Proposals].’  CBRE answered, ‘Mr. Sulentic is not involved in the day-to-day management of Staples,’ and referred questions regarding Staples’ programs to Staples   Comments (Count)


DOL Accuses USPS of Destroying Evidence in Whistleblower Case

 In 2012, the U.S. Department of Labor  sued USPS for retaliating against a Safety Specialist at the Seattle, Washington P&DC. The DOL notification included an “admonishment to refrain from destroying documents or records that might be requested by OSHA. The DOL is accusing USPS for failing to preserve the records as required.  Comments (Count)



Michigan Letter Carrier Attacked By Armed Robbers While Delivering Mail at 7:15 pm - Clarification: Police say 7:15pm, news media cite 7:20pm as the time of robbery. The postal worker told police he was walking back to his mail truck when he was approached by a man who then brandished a handgun.  According to police, the gunman forced the worker to the ground and took the vehicle’s keys so he could open the rear door to the mail truck  San Francisco Mail carrier robbed  Comments (Count)


Senator Schumer to propose end to restrictions on shipping alcohol through USPS- The end of the law would generate an estimated $225 million of increased annual revenue and benefit the 12,090 postal-service jobs in upstate New York.  Comments (Count)


USPS OIG Some N.J. mail carriers told to report for work during Superstorm Sandy A report by the U.S. Postal Service’s inspector general on the service’s hurricane response said managers at that post office told employees they must report for work on the day the massive, devastating storm hit, despite the fact that the facility was within a mandatory evacuation zone.But the floodwaters rose quickly, trapping several employees at the facility and requiring rescue by the Coast Guard. Comments (Count)

USPS Management Proposing A New Retirement System

Under the Postal Reorganization Act, the Postal Service is obligated to provide wages and benefits comparable to those provided in the private sector. However, Postal Service management believes that the FERS system is more costly and does not compare to retirement benefits provided in the private sector.   Comments (Count)


PMG Tells Senate: USPS in Midst of Financial Disaster, Liquidity Remains Dangerously Low financial condition is so precarious, and the legislative process is so uncertain, we’ve reached the point that we have to consider price increases above the rate of inflation,” said Donahoe. In Senate Testimony, Guffey Blasts Carper-Coburn Postal Reform Bill |



Senator McCaskill Aims for Responsible Postal Reform|


NALC: Few surprises in first of two hearings on S. 1486   Comments (Count)


GAO: USPS Proposed Health Plan Could Improve Financial Condition, but Impact on Medicare and Other Issues Should Be Weighed before Approval The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) would likely realize large financial gains from its proposed health care plan, primarily by increasing retirees’ use of Medicare. Some elements of USPS’s proposal would add uncertainties that could reduce funds available for its employees’ and retirees’ future health care. GAO: USPS Healthcare Plan Would Hurt Medicare, Postal Worker s |USPS Plan to Pull Out of Fed Health Benefits Could Cost Postal Workers USPS Plan: Make Medicare Pay Our Bills  Comments (Count)


PMG Responds to GAO Report On USPS Healthcare Plan

Post and Pa rcel - Without addressing the cost issue in a responsible way, the Postal Service may be unable to afford to provide health care benefits to retirees. Our proposal assures that we will.    Comments (Count)


USPS Seeking National Contract for Rental, Leasing of Minivans & Cargo Vans

According to USPS: Presently, there are not sufficient capital funds to purchase new equipment.  Comments (Count)


USPS Loss For January 2013 $437 Million -- Year To Date loss for FY 2013 $1.7 billion -  USPS reported a net operating loss of $437 million for the month of January 2013.  Comments (Count)


USPS To Close Wichita Remote Encoding Center --797 employees affected

The U.S. Postal Service today announced the Wichita Remote Encoding Center (REC)  will close no sooner than September of 2013, as technology enhancements have made the need for RECs virtually obsolete.   Comments (Count)



USPS to Launch New Product Line of Apparel and Accessories

The agreement leverages Postal Service intellectual property by introducing the Rain Heat & Snow brand of apparel and accessory products.  Comments (Count)


USPS spending $2.2 million to send execs to National Postal Forum

Documents obtained by MacFarlane show the event will cost the agency approximately $2.2 million, including travel and $220,000 for exhibit space. Postal Service Defends Pricey Conference| The National Postal Forum Is NOT a Party | Lawmakers demanding answers over postal conference | Video from KTVU 2: :USPS conference   Comments (Count)


April  8, 2014

Why Republicans Love Obama's Post Office Plan

The House Republicans are especially agreeable when it comes to ending Saturday letter delivery. “The administration’s proposal includes giving [the Postal Service] the authority to move to five-day delivery,” Deese testified. “It’s our belief that this needs to be part of a comprehensive and balanced plan.” Chairman Issa to Introduce President Obama’s Postal Proposal

Republicans, White House Finally Agree on Something: Postal Reform

Reps. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and Blake Farenthold, R-Texas, who chairs the subcommittee tasked with USPS oversight, repeatedly pointed to overlap between a USPS reform bill they introduced last year and proposals put forward in the White House’s fiscal 2015 budget. The Republican bill  passed through committee without any Democratic support, and has yet to receive a vote on the House floor, but Issa voiced optimism during the hearing for a renewed effort APWU: USPS Needs Real Reform – Not More Austerity .|  Rolando: Postal Service needs real reform | Issa embraces White House plan for postal reform | Darrell Issa Continues War Against the USPS OMB Deputy Director’s testimony at Issa postal reform hearing

The proposals in the Administration’s FY 2015 Budget seek to provide a responsible path to future viability focusing on four key principles: Greeting Card Association and Rural Carriers Call for Meaningful Postal Reform   Comments (Count)


Zumbox to Shutter its Operations

Netflix DVD-Mailer Rate Upheld by Court in Post Office Suit

University Place Fights to Keep Post Office

A Census of Post Boxes

Uber to Launch Bike-Courier Service


April  7, 2014

Timing is everything: MSPB braces for involuntary retirement appeals

With the Government Accountability Office recently reporting that 600,000 of the federal government’s permanent career employees will become eligible for retirement by 2017 – up from 270,000 in 2012 – there is a strong possibility that after these employees retire, some will end up believing they were forced out. One study, for example, showed that nearly a third of older workers surveyed believed their retirements were forced.  Comments (Count)


USPS, Staples Deal Still a Secret — But Hearing Reveals Disturbing Truths

The Postal Service and Staples are working overtime to keep the details of their sweetheart deal a secret, but a hearing before the National Labor Relations Board — and documents the USPS was forced to provide to the APWU — have revealed some disturbing truths. Locations Announced for April 24 Protests to ‘Stop Staples’  Comments (Count)


PMG gives oath of office to Postmaster in his hometown

It’s not every day PMG Pat Donahoe stops by a local Post Office. When he does, there’s usually an important reason for the visit.   Comments (Count)


New York State Letter Carriers Endorse Rangel

Tennessee Postal Employees Plead Guilty To Workers Comp Fraud

Video: Postal Service Worker Seen Throwing Package In Drive-By Delivery

Upright Jenny Invert panes found in New York, Wisconsin

Package May Have Ignited Fire at Raleigh Postal Facility 

Why UPS Trucks Don't Turn Left

Amazon Launches Amazon Dash for Delivery of Groceries, Household Items

Civic Association Says Dozens of Magazines it Mailed Were Not Delivered or Badly Mangled


April  6, 2014

Why do so many cars crash into post offices?

Songbird Stamps Take Flight


April  5, 2014

Video: Postal Police, USPS Communications Official at APWU StopStaples Demonstration -  Postal Police at a Staples store??? A $62,000+ a year USPS Communications official monitoring protesters??? Chicago Workers Demonstrate Against USPS Partnership With Staples

Roughly 200 postal workers and supporters picketed Saturday afternoon in front of a suburban Staples store, demonstrating against the postal service partnership with the office supply chain to provide some mail services. USPS official was on hand to counter the protesters. USPS Chicago District Manager: No decisions yet on expanding Staples retail pilot program - Members of the American Postal Workers Union from the Chicago area, joined by hundreds of labor and community activists, will protest on Saturday, April 5, in Elmwood Park, against a deal between the U.S. Postal Service and Staples to move mail services into Staples stores.  DM:  "The U. S. Postal Service has no plans to privatize. Our goal is to ensure the long-term viability of the Postal Service, and we believe making postal products and services available to customers where they live, work and shop will help us to realize that goal."    Chicago Postal Workers To Protest Outsourcing of USPS Services to Staples  Comments (Count)


Federal Agencies Shed 10,000 Jobs in March - Approx. 1200 of these were USPS jobs

Pittsburgh mail delivery spotty

Postal Service is Hemorrhaging Billions; Is Privatization An Option?

Valley veterans angry post office didn't replace flag for 6 months

Driver injured after crash into Oregon post office
Brooklyn woman receives letters after 45 years

Ukraine asks world to stop sending it mail for Crimea


April  4, 2014

EEOC Class Action For Limited & Light Duty Postal Employees, Postal Employee Awarded $175,000 Over the next couple of weeks will be playing catch-up on posting legal cases filed by postal employees via  EEOC, MSPB, Federal courts and other government agencies. Comments (Count)


Video: PMG, Fox News face off over credit card abuse charges against postal workers - From the credit cards, just so you know, a person when they take that credit card, they are on the hook for the bill. We always collect it back  Comments (Count)


USPS Implements 'Identity Proofing' and collection of 'text message' numbers at reported several months ago of USPS's plan to implement 'identity proofing' for personal (non-business) customers who select this option at

Florida Letter Carrier Charged in identity theft tax refund scheme and mail theft

Michigan post office saves man from getting scammed out of thousands

Is mail dead?
Police: Hunt continues for suspect in Arkansas post office burglary
Remember Those Late Holiday Packages? Don’t Blame The Carrier, Blame The Retailer

April  3, 2014

House Budget Committee Approves Bill That Targets Postal and Federal Employees - It is expected that the bill will be considered by the House next week. NAPUS opposes the bill. The measure, even if approved by the Senate, which is doubtful, would not, in and of itself have the force of law. The Postal Service and NAPUS President, Tony Leonardi along with League President, Mark Strong continue to discuss final POStPLAN  implementation.  Comments (Count)


Holder: Postal Service Mail Used For ‘Shocking’ Amount Of Drug Dealing

Attorney General Eric Holder told a Senate committee on Thursday that there is a “shocking” number of people who are using the U.S. Postal Service to send illegal drugs around the country.  Comments (Count)


APWU: PSEs Should Beware Of ‘Voice of Employee’ Surveys

Haslett woman pleads guilty in post office trespassing case

Kingsbridge Bronx Post Office seeks to right wrongs

Group Works to Save Horace Post Office
Furious residents fear 20-mile round trip to get mail may be permanent
USPS to Newspaper: We strictly adhere to rules for sale of historic properties
The U.S. should go back to postal banking


April  2, 2014

Updated with Video: PMG talks importance of keeping mail competitive and relevant to consumers In the video — and in talks with large mailers during the National Postal Forum — PMG lists four ways to keep the mail competitive, provides update on MDD and more:   Comments (Count)

USPS Sets the Record Straight on Postal Employees using taxpayers money to gamble - The USPS responds to the story floating around about postal workers using taxpayers money to gamble.  

USPS Sets Records Straight on Scanning ‘Misinformation’

Harvey Milk stamp design revealed

Minneapolis Postal philatelic clerk reassigned

History column: Post office’s artwork drew loud complaints

UPS Fires 250 Drivers For Protesting Co-Worker’s Termination

Former PSE sentenced to prison for mail thefts

Video: Surveillance shows suspects in Oregon post office credit card fraud case

No one hires vets like the Postal Service

Amazon Will Now Allow Returns Using Lockers

Video: Dog causes mail delivery holdup

Bank on the post office to save America's 'bank deserts'


April  1, 2014

Based on a Falsehood, Ryan Budget Would Plunder Postal Service

The postal provisions in the budget proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) on April 1 are a “thinly-veiled attempt to plunder the Postal Service — to slash service, cut workers’ benefits, and render our great national treasure ripe for privatization,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. GOP budget would amount to pay cut for federal employees  Comments (Count)


Chicago Mail Problems Continue, Postal Service Reps Hear Concerns

For area residents who have been complaining about lost or stolen mail, damaged packages or items delivered late at night by postal workers wearing headlamps, the meeting organized by Ukrainian Village Neighborhood Watch founder Steve Niketopoulos was the first time some felt their concerns were heard by the Postal Service. Residents in Chicago neighborhood demand answers from USPS on continued mail problems Previously, USPS officials said the brutal winter weather Chicago contributed to mail issues in West Town. Mail was delivered late at night, if at all, and some packages never arrived, neighbors complained. from Jan: Video: Some Chicago USPS package deliveries delayed  Comments (Count)


Video: Mail trucks robbed on Chicago south side

At least seven trucks have been robbed over the last three months. Two of them were broken into on Monday. Comments (Count)


Postal Services Dealing with Game-Changer as Global E-Commerce Takes Flight - Listen to the customer, offer integrated postal solutions and provide simple and reliable customs and delivery procedures, said several participants at a forum on global e-commerce organized on 26-27 March 2014 by the Universal Postal Union, the United Nations specialized agency for postal services. Customer Service: PO cuts hours, residents will be forced to drive 20 minutes to mail an item or wait until the next day Comments (Count)

USPS IG: Bank on the post office to save America’s ‘bank deserts’

USPS to Postal Employees: Election season is coming; get to know the Hatch Act

Florida Mail carrier pleads guilty to taking parcel containing veteran’s drugs

Video: Mail trucks robbed on Chicago south side

Phila. man left unconscious after icy fall at mailbox sues US Postal Service

TSP Wilts in March

Video: The Great American Post Office Heist: The Story Behind the Story

Video: One Killed after USPS contract driver collides with SUV on Houston freeway

New York: Postal trucks hog parking spots in Manhattan's Murray Hill

‘Misprinted Stamps Escape Postal Vault’


March 31, 2014

Bamboozled: Mail, wedding gifts, dog's ashes and even pizza not delivered due to USPS, GPS foul up - At first, it was mail that was occasionally delivered to the wrong address. Then it started happening on a daily basis. The addresses on the mail mysteriously changed, and letters were sent to the wrong place.He said postal officials told him part of the problem was an automatic sorting system used before the mail is given to carriers. He was told his carrier would be instructed to check the sorted mail, but that has only helped intermittently.All the residents said they’ve contacted the post office about the problem, but they’re told it’s being worked on, or that it would be looked into, or sometimes, calls were not returned. Comments (Count)


Residents in Chicago neighborhood demand answers from USPS on continued mail problems Previously, USPS officials said the brutal winter weather Chicago contributed to mail issues in West Town. Mail was delivered late at night, if at all, and some packages never arrived, neighbors complained. from Jan: Video: Some Chicago USPS package deliveries delayed Comments (Count)

Senators request details of OPM plan to modernize retirement processing

3 People Hurt in Wreck on Hwy 67, Including Rural Mail Carrier

New York state joins New York City in suing FedEx for Illegally Shipping Untaxed Cigarettes

Post Office Hour Cuts Upset A Growing Town

NALC: Memorandums of understanding extended, modified

U.S. Postal Service Issues Yes, I Do Stamp

New York state joins New York City in suing FedEx for Illegally Shipping Untaxed Cigarettes

USPS to make ‘set the record straight’ website available to all

Royal Mail facing backlash over ‘lost £1bn’ from sell-off

Rolando: U.S. Postal Service delivering profitable service

Letter Carrier Lends Helping Hand of Elderly Customer

New Nevada-Sierra postal district manager named

Opinion: Want a job? Deliver, or protect

Nevada stamp moves up to May

Postal enthusiast traces history

Canada: Postal Rate Jumps 35% Today (First Class Stamp From 63 cents to 85 cents-$1.00)


March 30, 2014

New Postal Hires Mean More 'Return to Sender' Mail 

Letter carriers recall days at downtown post office

Hundreds gather at central Canada Post building to protest cuts


March 29, 2014

Video: USPS repairs Bronx residents mailbox lock problem after TV news get involved


March 28, 2014

Edmond Walker EEO nearly derailed, McConnell Class Action stalled and more postal legal cases Over the next couple of weeks will be playing catch-up on posting legal cases filed by postal employees via  EEOC, MSPB, Federal courts and other government agencies   Comments (Count)


APWU: Maintenance Memo Outlines Steps For PSE Conversion to Career

A March 28 agreement with the USPS [PDF] outlines the procedure for the conversion of Maintenance Craft Postal Support Employees to career, Maintenance Craft Director Steve Raymer has announced.   Comments (Count)


Congressmen letter request GAO to review morale of Federal Workforce

 Their letter requests that GAO assess the morale and effectiveness of the federal workforce, including recruitment and retention, performance and productivity, the achievement of agency missions, the extent to which the Office of Personnel Management helps agencies improve employee engagement, and lessons to be learned from agencies that have significantly improved employee engagement. Some readers have suggested that a similar review should be conducted on postal employees.  Comments (Count)


Southern California Man Hides in Bushes, Catches Teens Stealing Packages Tired of having packages stolen from his front door, a Chula Vista resident caught a group of teenage thieves in the act by hiding in some bushes and jumping out just as the teens were grabbing more loot. Comments (Count)


USPS to offer wider array of smartphones

Upgrading to the new smartphones is voluntary and at the user’s convenience, once they receive the email from IT.  Comments (Count)


PRC Evaluates USPS Performance in FY 2013: 18 Discount Rates Miss the Mark The Commission also found that customers were generally satisfied with their overall experience when visiting post offices, but were less satisfied with the resolution of complaints. Comments (Count)


Tree Falls on Mail Carrier Jeep, Driver Receives Injuries

Senators to OPM: Your Retirement Claims Processing Is So 1977

In Search of a New Postal Paradigm
Are Printed Magazines Growing or Shrinking? Yes

Concord, NH officials approve cluster mailbox for letter carriers to avoid pit bull

Congressmen request GAO review morale of Federal Workforce

Owner Of NJ Bulk Mailing Company Gets 18 Months In Prison For Multimillion-Dollar Fraud

Canada Post price increases will drive small business away from mail, advocate says

New Zealand: Posties try out electric delivery vehicles


March 27, 2014

USPS: No plans to privatize the Postal Service

The news media, blogs and social media often comment that some Postal Service initiatives — or recommendations in pending legislation — are steps toward privatizing the organization. No one is planning to privatize USPS.  Comments (Count)


Video: Former War Vet Turned Mail Carrier Claims Post Office Corruption After Firing - Karah Adams told WHNT News 19 that her three-month postal career came to a sudden end after being accused of lying to her boss on her job application. But Adams said the claim by her supervisor was false, and was used as a cover to get rid of her after she wouldn’t go along with post office corruption she called “blatant.” Comments (Count)


Georgia Postal Worker Charged for Role in Planning Conley Postal Robbery

The postal worker  has been indicted by a federal grand jury on conspiracy and armed robbery charges for her role in planning a postal robbery in Conley, Ga., on December 20, 2013—a robbery that resulted in the near-fatal shooting of a postal truck driver by two other defendants charged with Evans in the same indictment.  Comments (Count)


Four Postal Unions Bury the Hatchet to Save Services, Standards

OPM wants to keep FEHBP premium increases ‘in check’

How Obamacare Could Lead to Better, Cheaper FEHBP Coverage

Strategies abound to help mitigate postal rate increases

Postal service employees use travel cards to gamble, pay bills and go bowling

eBay Seller: USPS Tracking Leaves Much to Be Desired


March 26, 2014

PRC says USPS load leveling plan needs more analysis and customer support before implementation - The Commission finds the Postal Service’s initial assessment and identification of potential benefits shows some promise, but cautions this evaluation is based on limited test information and sometimes anecdotal accounts.  Comments (Count)


Injured on the job? Whistleblower says: hope you don’t work for the United States Post Office! The following letter was sent to me due to my ongoing series about the management crisis in the United States Postal Service (USPS). This is a new piece, dealing with an issue echoed by other letters, alleging the USPS is remiss in dealing with injured and/or handicapped or disabled workers Allegations grow, as more postal workers send stories of abuse  | Maryland Postal Worker pleads guilty to Workers Comp Benefits fraud  Comments (Count)


Mail carrier robbed in Maplewood, NJ

The suspects took a phone and cash and then fled...The mail carrier was unharmed  Comments (Count)


Video: Card skimmers at Washington County post offices?

A joint investigation between the US Post Office and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office is underway over the possibility skimming devices were illegally placed on self-service stamp machines at two post offices. Romanians plead guilty to using ‘Skimmers’ to steal bank account info from Post Office APCs Comments (Count)


Video: Lazy USPS Driver throws heavy box with hard drive against garage

This video has gone viral . Comments (Count)


Man sold $500K in USPS bins as scrap

Suspect charged in California postal worker’s death


March 25, 2014

Letter to Editor: American people need a compelling argument to help save USPS

Video: USPS seeking City Carrier Assistants Nationwide

La Jolla preservationist testifies at hearing on post office sales

Pennsylvania Postal Worker Charged with Misappropriating $55K in Money Orders and Cash

Pennsylvania Acting Postmaster Gets 4 Years Probation for Misusing Funds, Stealing from Mail

USPS HR Initiative Not Following Established Processes, Says IG

Hallmark Channel’s New Series ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ Premieres April 20th

Leominster, MA postmaster receives Patriot Award

Small fire at North Metro GA postal facility

Billion-dollar bet' on Postal Service

Postal inspectors pull mail headed to Metro East after smelling marijuana 

Four Reasons the Government Isn't Going to Sell Off the Post Office



March 24, 2014 readers question Why USPS' "Set the Record Straight" website is for employees only? As Steve Hutkins  of Save the Post Office points out: "This is a great idea. But why is it an internal website for employees only? It would be helpful for a wider audience to see what management is telling its employees about articles that appear in the media." .  USPS: New website for employees provides responses to inaccuracies -A new website is available for employees who want to know where USPS stands on issues in the news. Comments (Count)

Postal Service releases its February financials: First impressions of the rate increase?  "While it is way too soon to say how mailers will ultimately respond to the rate increase, it looks as though higher rates are not driving away vast amounts of mail, and overall, the Postal Service looks to be doing okay for fiscal year 2014. Year to date, five months into the fiscal year, the Postal Service has made a profit of $1.1 billion in controllable operating income.  During the same period last year, the Postal Service had a controllable operating loss of $102 million.  Comments (Count)


Video Update: USPS Contract Driver Commits Suicide after killing, assaulting postal workers - The media seems to have overlooked that the woman beaten to death by a postal contract driver is listed as a postal worker (Bulk Mail Clerk) . The other female postal worker (Mail Processing Clerk) who was assaulted with a crowbar is listed in stable condition. Update: USPS contract driver wanted in connection with homicide, assault on postal worker commits suicide - Police are searching for a man who allegedly killed a woman and assaulted a postal worker on Monday morning in North Carolina .  Witnesses say Smith, a truck driver contracted for the Postal Service, assaulted the woman with a crowbar, causing life-threatening trauma to her head. Comments (Count)


USPS to consolidate stamp distribution and fulfillment centers

USPS is streamlining its stamp distribution and fulfillment networks, including transferring the management of Stamp Distribution from Supply Management to Stamp Services.   Comments (Count)


APWU, USPS Reach Agreement On Filling Residual Vacancies

The precise number of conversions that will take place as a result of the agreement is not yet known because it depends on the number of residual vacancies and other factors, Dimondstein said  Comments (Count)


Video: Greenacres, FL residents upset with USPS over missing mail

The Watchdog got the postmaster to watch the route closely. The problem routes were recently changed to balance workloads and the post office admits that caused a learning curve with new mail carriers.  Comments (Count)


Mystery packages tip off identity theft victim to eBay scam

Drones to deliver drugstore items in the Mission?

Jimmy Carter Uses 'Snail Mail' to Thwart NSA

Post Office Hiring 70 in Memphis and Nashville

What if the USPS Disappears?

Pennsylvania hatchery ignored postal weather warnings, leading to dead chicks for Mercer farmer


March 23, 2014

POStPlan implementation: 9,000 post offices downgraded, 4,000 to go, RIF's coming The Postal Service is continuing to implement POStPlan, its initiative to reduce hours at 13,000 post offices and replace their postmasters with part-time workers. At this point, POStPlan has been implemented, or will be implemented soon, at almost 9,000 post offices. Hours at the remaining 4,000 will be reduced over the coming months. By October, the institution of the small-town career postmaster will become a thing of the past at almost half the country's post offices. In the end, there will be something like 3,300 post offices where the postmaster will still be on the job as of September 30, 2014. On that date, these postmasters will lose their full-time jobs as part of a Reduction in Force — i.e., they will be RIF’d.  Comments (Count)

Sinkhole of bureaucracy

Postal workers host fundraiser for coworkers

‘Mountains’ of stolen mail recovered from Mother/Daughter team in Burien WA
Newark residents say Springfield Avenue post office is the pits


March 22, 2014

Video: U.S. mail lost from Vashon Island, WA creating havoc

Postmaster is confirming two and a half days of mail – from rent checks to mortgage payments, personal letters to utility payments and more – is lost.  Comments (Count)


Letter: Somerville Journal shouldn't print Postal Service propaganda

Kansas City, MO: Postal truck overturns on ramp to WB I-70

Video: USPS stops delivering Oakland, CA woman’s mail

Three N.J., residents charged in conspiracy to steal checks from mail and defraud banks

Questions swirl around sale of Stamford post office


March 21, 2014

Video: Letter carrier robbed, carjacked at gunpoint wants better protection for postal workers - -A letter carrier robbed at gunpoint Monday afternoon while on the job is calling for backup protection for postal workers. Edward Hosendove’s cell phone, money and mail delivery truck was stolen.  Comments (Count)

Two Men Charged with robbing, shooting Postal Worker

Why is My Mail Now Delivered at 6PM? (The Sequel)

Video: Good Samaritan Postal Worker Shot, Killed After Breaking Up Domestic Dispute

Wreath Laying Today to Remember Montclair Post Office Shooting 19 yrs ago

Video: USPS strikes sour note with music teacher

Mastermind of mailbox robbery pleads guilty in federal court

USPS postpones initiative to pull 300 jobs from Scranton


March 20, 2014

USPS Launches New Limited Overland Routes Pricing Category In Alaska March 23 - The Postal Service’s new Limited Overland Routes (LOR) pricing category for customers in Alaska, who were disproportionately impacted by the recent Standard Postclassification and price changes, becomes effective Sunday, March 23  Comments (Count)

Catalogs Shrink After USPS Hike

New York TV report generates appreciation for USPS

TSP Considers Adding New Investments

OPM takes another crack at an electronic retirement system

FedEx Takes Sloppy E-Tailers to Task

Mail burns when delivery truck catches fire in Delaware

Former North Carolina postal clerk ordered to pay over $16,000 restitution

Postal Service CIO Makes a Case for Intelligent Mail

Proud to Serve: Carrier wins face-off against large dogs

Mailbox thief took card info, charged $30K

Postal banking: USPS can and should start offering financial services.

Driver slams into postal service truck, 1 hurt


March 19, 2014

Boston postal worker sends anonymous letter to NJ paper

The trouble in West Essex, New Jersey between postal workers and management seems to be more widespread than the borders of New Jersey. I work right outside of Boston MA as a carrier and the work load and conditions are the worst I've witnesses in 15 plus years on the job. People are overworked, stressed, and tired, and we have to continually hear from management how we don't have enough work. We do have enough work the problem is we don't have enough workers anymore, and that the postal service in their infinate wisdom is not hiring career employees anymore, they claim they are but they aren't. Postal employee writes anonymous letter to paper: We are NOT slaves

I am a postal employee in West Caldwell (New Jersey) . For the last seven months this has been the worst management we have ever had. The post master Mrs. Peters and the new supervisor Rosa Espinosa think we are the new slaves of the postal service. This past winter they held the mail at the post office for three to five days. The reason for that was a punishment for the carriers when they call out or are not performing up to standards  Comments (Count)


The Story Behind the Harvey Milk Stamp

Video: U.S. Postal Inspectors Travel To Jamaica, Nigeria For Lottery Schemers

Idaho rural carrier helps retrieve small girl from frozen river

Michigan postal worker sentenced for stealing mail

Newark Man Sentenced To 57 Months In Prison For Scheme To Steal Checks From Mail

Postal Service pushing package delivery into Sundays

Mount Vernon Post Office Helps Foil Fake Check Scam

Carrier alerts homeowner to fire

Mail carriers get new mobile device

USPS Awards Contract to Initiate Upgrade & Expansion of Wireless Vehicle Management Systems

USPS Needs Plan B for Flat Mail, Coalition Says

Robbery of Mail Carrier in Wicker Park Leads to $10,000 Reward Offer

USPS OIG: Officers' Travel and Representation Expenses for Fiscal Year 2013 (PDF)

PRC Analysis of USPS Financial Results 2013 (PDF)

Mail No Longer Largest Revenue Source for Postal Agencies, Accenture Study Finds

Amazon invests in new trucks


March 18, 2014

Sen. Heitkamp Receives Commitments from USPS to Improve Mail Delivery & Service in North Dakota - These commitments are in response to a meeting last week between Heitkamp and U.S. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, after Heitkamp sent USPS more than 100 stories from North Dakotans about poor mail delivery and service they have experienced.   Comments (Count)


Sen. Carper and PMG Donahoe Paint a Brighter Future for the Postal Service

Despite Monday’s snowstorm and the congressional recess, Sen. Tom Carper, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, traveled to Washington, DC, to update Postmasters on postal reform legislation at the NAPUS Leadership Conference.   Comments (Count)


Two Former Postal Employees Receive Medal of Honor

Santiago Erevia San Antonio letter carrier and Jose Rodela, who served as a Mail Handler for the Postal Service during the late 1970s bring the total number of living former postal employees/Medal of Honor recipients to three  Comments (Count)


Video: Letter carrier robbed at gunpoint in Detroit

A letter carrier was robbed at gunpoint Monday afternoon while on the job. His cell phone, money and mail delivery truck was stolen.  Comments (Count)


Michigan Mailman wonders how he made it through the winter

A National Weather Service meteorologist has given Metro Detroit the number # 1 ranking in its "misery index." Detroit has had 90.6 inches of snow so far this season; only 3 inches away from the all-time recorded total. We have had over 100 days of below freezing temperatures, and too many days of single-digit to subzero temps. Detroit has had its harshest winter since 1950. In a recent article, the Associated Press says that Detroit is experiencing the most extreme weather of any city in the country. And I deliver mail on foot, house to house, six days a week. That probably explains why I talk to my shoes. I may be somewhat delirious.  Comments (Count)


Whitman named USPS Corporate Communications VP

Whitman recently served as vice president and chief communications officer for McDonald’s USA. During his 13-year tenure with McDonald’s Corp., he held senior positions in communications and corporate relations and led a variety of high-profile corporate initiatives. Comments (Count)


USPS study: Households with Internet access receive more periodicals by mail

Video: New Haven, CT letter carrier retires after 54 years

Poshmark Partners With The USPS To Create A Custom, Flat Rate Shipping Label

Snow Doesn’t Stop Mail Delivery.

Video: Resident attacks mailman, mail stops for entire complex

Long Island mailman threw out thousands of pieces of mail


March 17, 2014

USPS plans to eliminate 10,000 positions through attrition over the next year

The Postal Service plans to shrink its workforce by 10,000 positions in fiscal 2015, according to Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe. The reductions will be entirely through attrition — there will be no buy-outs or reductions in force— Donahoe said at a media roundtable at the annual National Postal Forum at the National Harbor in Prince George’s County, Md  Comments (Count)


USPS and Sony Pictures Team Up to Cross-promote Priority Mail and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - In a campaign to promote Priority Mail and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” the Postal Service and Sony Pictures are collaborating on a high-profile, multi-channel marketing campaign that begins this week and continues through the end of May.   Comments (Count)


The masquerade continues: Playing politics with the Postal Service's unfunded liabilities

Whatever changes Congress chooses to make to FECA — and this is another example of a situation where the solution lies wholly within the grasp of Congress — lawmakers should take their head out of the sand and take a close look at how poor management and supervisory practices have contributed to workplace injuries and workers’ comp claims. At the very least Congress should authorize an independent study of postal line management and how it contributes to these problem. The people who claim to be troubled by the Postal Service’s “unfunded liabilities” use words like “bankrupt” and “bailout” because they know this kind of hysterical language sells. Postal officials, our legislators in Washington, and, sadly, the Administration as well, are all too willing to exaggerate and misrepresent the numbers just to scare and manipulate the average citizen. They have painted as dire a picture as they can, in as prejudicial a way as possible. They have resorted to bald political manipulation to undermine one of our most basic national institutions, the post office.But the Postal Service is in crisis today not because of the condition of its pension and health benefit funds. The Postal Service is in crisis because for the past forty years those in power have been committed to a vision of privatization. What we have here is not a financial problem. What we have is a political problem.  Comments (Count)


Wild turkeys terrorize Grand Haven, MI postal workers

It's not been unusual for packs of wild turkeys to block area traffic. But the turkey terrorists of 2009 began peeking into windows of homes and soon disrupted mail delivery. In recent years, many vehicles on Sheldon Road and South Ferry Street have encountered up to six or seven wild turkeys in the road.  Comments (Count)


Marketers Giving Mail A Fresh Look, Says Postmaster General

In a keynote speech at the National Postal Forum—the annual mailing industry trade show—Patrick R. Donahoe, Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer of the Postal Service, today described a changing attitude of marketers toward the role of direct mail as a means of attracting and retaining customers.  Comments (Count)


Slow mail deliveries in two New Hyde Park ZIP codes now corrected

Residents of two New Hyde Park postal ZIP codes have learned the true meaning of snail mail.

In recent months they have complained of inconsistent and slow mail deliveries, resulting in days without mail being picked up or received. That meant missed medications, delayed tax payments, late bills, even lost wedding shower invitations, residents said. An official from the district's postal service said the delays in ZIP codes 11040 and 11042 have been addressed and were the result of staff reductions, consolidated and longer routes, and weather-related injuries to carriers.   Comments (Count)


Man carrying firearms, knives arrested after following Florida postal worker to post office

USPS: Setting mail to flight

Postal Service worker sues alleging discrimination

When snowplow and mailbox meet

Shipment of dead chicks to Mercer farmer raises questions about animal treatment

Local literary scholars lament the lost art of letter writing

Video: Postmaster helps victim untangle himself from sweepstakes mess

eBay Sellers at the Mercy of USPS Tracking


March 16, 2014

Resident concerned about mail theft from overflowing collection box

About a week and a half ago, Joanna Pine drove to the Bella Bottega shopping complex in downtown Redmond to drop something off at one of the blue outgoing United States Postal Service (USPS) mailboxes. But when she got there, she found she couldn’t send out her mail because the box was already full.   Comments (Count)


Matheson Celebrates 50 Years of Serving the USPS

Along with transporting mail, Matheson also manages special projects for the USPS, such as truck terminal operations, roller-bed transportation, mail sorting, material handling, and labor contracts  Comments (Count)


Texas: Arrests Made In Postal Theft Cases

USPS: We have no choice in the sale of buildings

Letter of the Day: Mail carrier's response made him a hero

10 ways to tell you have been a federal employee too long

Elizabeth Warren’s Post Office Proposal

Mailbox bomb investigated


March 15, 2014

Ulster County town clerks asking for state help with tax bill mail delays

Ulster County town clerks are asking for state help in dealing with U.S. Post Office changes that have lead property owners to receive tax bills later than usual because local mail is no longer sorted locally....the mail sorting process has extended the delivery time from one day to more than a week in some cases.  Comments (Count)


Going Postal: How Jimi Hendrix Got Stuck to a Postage Stamp

Disruption in mail delivery frustrates some residents

Retired postal worker crashes into post office

Through rain and snow, sure, but try getting mail in some new neighborhoods
Explosive device found in Virginia mailbox
Video: Stolen collection mailbox leaves Louisville woman questioning USPS


March 14, 2014

USPS truck collides with car, flips over in SE Houston

Retired postal employee recalls training Tuskegee Airmen

Georgia Postal employee gets 15 months in prison for mail theft

Buffalo letter carrier dies on duty

Postal Committee Considers the 800-Pound Gorilla in the Room

What can USPS learn from TRICARE in funding retiree health care costs?

Retirees could lose health benefits if USPS can't pay prefunding requirement

Winter mail woes land Haslett woman in handcuffs at post office

Poll: If you found wad of cash like Jersey City postal worker did, would you return it?

Postal service officials see no conflicts when its top real estate agent also represents buyers

Postal workers help nab drug dealer

Senator Urges USPS To Meet With The Bronx Community Before Choosing A Winning Bid

Police recover stolen postal vehicle, arrest alleged thief
Chery Ganz named to Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee
Additional upright Jenny Invert panes found
Merchant Complaints about Delays in USPS Acceptance Scan Dates

Clifton residents complain about mail delivery


March 13, 2014

USPS Testifies Before Congress Urging Elimination of Unfunded Liabilities

By addressing the costs of providing RHB directly, we can almost completely eliminate the unfunded liability associated with those benefits. The way to do this is by properly integrating retiree health care benefits with Medicare, so that Medicare becomes the primary payer of health care claims for eligible annuitants and covered family members, with FEHBP being the secondary payer. GAO says USPS pre-funding does not include amounts for future employees -GAO say USPS $100 Billion in liabilities is retiree health, pension and workers comp. Contrary to statements made by some employee groups and other stakeholders, these liabilities do not include any amounts for future USPS employees not yet hired or born  Comments (Count)


Misdirected Mail: White House Budget Proposes Damaging Postal Service Cuts

Among the very worst ideas for “reforming” the United States Postal Service are proposals to end Saturday delivery and to shift from at-the-door delivery of mail to a scheme that would force Americans to go and collect letters and packages from central delivery spots.Both approaches would diminish the scope and character of the postal service while increasing the likelihood that private firms will move in to fill the void.  Comments (Count)


Video: Pot Shipments With Fraudulent Return Addresses On Rise

A quick search of the web shows what to do to sell marijuana through the Postal Service. Unlike FedEx or UPS, deliveries through the the U.S Postal Service can’t be opened without a warrant.   Comments (Count)


Maryland Postal Clerk’s Shovel-ready rescue goes viral

Shaun Mossman has been named USPS VP, Finance and Planning

Jersey City mail carrier finds wad of cash, then its rightful owner

OSHA seeks nominations for members to serve on the Whistleblower Protection Advisory Cmte

Woman who accidentally mailed $882 in cash gets money back

USPS Honors Legendary Guitarist, Jimi Hendrix, with Limited-Edition Forever Stamp

Caldwells and Essex Fells mail delivery problems reported by residents and carriers

Mailbox Crimes Reported in Areas Near the Brazos Valley

Residents and USPS React to Bogus Letters About Installing Curbside Mailboxes

Milwaukee man charged in robbery of postal carrier

Tuskegee Airmen To Dedicate Stamp Honoring Father of Black Aviation

USS Arizona Memorial Commemorated on Stamp