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Updated: Sunday | December 11, 2011  

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Post Office Closings

 - Updated 10/3/11

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Postal Topics

Edmond Walker vs USPS EEO Class Survey  |

OPM Announce Changes in Life Insurance Premiums |


New Website Lists USPS Properties for Sale   |


Senators Introduce 21st Century Postal Service Act  - A bipartisan group of senators announce plans to reform and bring savings to the USPS |

Postal Workers Allowed To Campaign Against Mail Changes


USPS Warning to Postal Employees About Campaigning Against Mail changes   |  


USPS Wants to Offer Eligible Postal Workers Early Retirement?

 I’m amazed anyone would retire right now without waiting to see what comes out of Congress by November 18th, the new deadline for USPS to make its $5.5 billion payment. |


USPS to Implement Nationwide Clerk Excessing In November - Info indicates there will be a nationwide excessing move date of Nov. 19, 2011. USPS, APWU MOU On Non Traditional Full-Time Duty Assignments |


USPS List Of Mail Processing Facilities For Possible Consolidation - Video: USPS Proposes Radical Changes  |

USPS Net Loss For July $1.3 Billion – Year To Date Loss Reaches $7 Billion  |


CRS Report: Common Questions About Post Office Closures

This report addresses common questions about the closure of post offices.    |  


Editorial: Update – Does the Postal Service Really Want Early Retirements?

 by Don Cheney  |


USPS proposes cutting 120,000 jobs, pulling out of health-care plan |


UPS Store In California Using Direct Mail Promotion To Capitalize On USPS Post Office Closure

Competitors Circle as Postal Service Considers Service Cutbacks |


USPS Announces Nonbargaining Employees Promotional Salary Increase Policy Change  |

USPS Statement on Legislation Introduced by Rep. Darrell Issa  |


 Issa Introduces Postal Reform Act  |



IRS Identifies Postal Employee Organizations that have lost Tax-Exempt Status

 Some postal employee organizations failed to file their required IRS tax-exempt returns for three years in a row.



Delayed Retirements, Rising Overtime Bedevil USPS Finances

Deadtree Edition - One barrier to cost cutting is a slowing attrition rate. In the Postal Service’s latest employee statistical report, released yesterday, the number of full-time employees had declined by fewer than 13,000 in the past 12 months, versus more than 17,000 in the previous year. Postmaster General Pat Donahoe has indicated that the USPS workforce needs to shrink by about 35,000 employees annually to reach its ideal size of 425,000 in 2015. Overtime so far this year is dramatically higher for city carriers, mailhandlers, and supervisors.  (12/11) |

APWU local president to public: Sorry for lack of service at  post offices

Biloxi Sun Herald - we no longer have employees to staff the windows at your local Post Office. When I visit Post Offices along the Coast, I rarely see more than one employee serving the public at any given time. This makes for longer waits to our customers, who are generally on their lunch periods, trying to take care of their business during that time. This action by the USPS seems to be the next step toward dismantling the U.S. Postal Service  (12/11) |

Over 4,000 In Socorro, Texas fight to save post office

EL Paso Times - Socorro Mayor Trini Lopez and more than 4,000 people want to keep their post office open, and they are ready to fight. On Friday, Lopez and a group of Socorro residents met with postal representatives in San Antonio and submitted 4,600 signatures in favor of keeping the post office open. Tense Forum on Fate of Dallas's Main Post Office   (12/10) |

Postal Service plant closures will be 'a mess'

"The downsizing or the demise of the postal service, it's going to be a mess and it's going to be a mess for a long time," said John Zodrow, a retired Denver attorney and former Postal Service arbitrator who wrote a book about its labor relations. "It's a huge undertaking." (12/10) |

Parade of USPS Service Cuts Ignite Congressional Outrage (PDF)

NAPUS - Within weeks of taking the reins of the Postal Service, PMG Donahoe announced his intention to decrease customer access to full service retail facilities by closing “low-performing” post offices (aka small and rural post offices); as the year went on, the USPS amplified its drumbeat for eliminating six-day mail delivery; and, this week – in the midst of the holiday mailing season – the Postal Service dished out another service slice, reduce delivery service standards. Senators Seek to Stop USPS Cutbacks (12/09) |

Postmasters Continue Discussions with USPS on VER and Incentives for Retirement Eligible Employees - Presidents of both Postmaster organizations continue to meet with postal leaders to request the establishment of a RIF-avoidance process that offers VER’s and incentives (including adding years of service) for retirement eligible employees. Every effort is being made to get this issue resolved by the end of this year. NAPS to Return to Pay Talks With USPS (12/09) |
Large group of Senate Democrats seeks to stop postal service cutbacks
The Hill -A group of 18 Senate Democrats have signed a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) asking for Congress to postpone the Postal Service’s action. They are requesting that congressional leaders add language to appropriations legislation that would prevent the Postal Service from consolidating area mail processing centers and rural post offices for the next six months.   (12/09) |

Cash-strapped Postal Service paying $Millions in rent for unused building

My Fox Boston - -Their 20-year lease for the 19,000-square-foot building  in Winthrop, MA shows they started renting the building in 1999. In all, they are on the hook for $3.7 million in rent over the life of the lease. Aside from two small subleases, the building has remained vacant. Those subleases, only one of which is still in place, netted the USPS just $98,400. The Postal Service could have gotten out of the lease after five months, but chose instead to sign on for 20 years.  (12/08) |

70 grievances filed against USPS Redondo Beach Management For Hostile Workplace - Easy Reader News - Many carriers have continued to deliver mail well after dark and sometimes as late as 10 p.m. in the wake of a round of consolidations that reduced the number of routes in Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach from 113 to 85. As a result, carriers now have lengthier routes and more deliveries to make." We need help,” a carrier said. “I don’t know where we are going to get it from.  Somebody in Washington D.C. must  like FedEx or something, because they are destroying the Post Office.” (12/08) |
Editorial: A business undone by Congress
Hampton Roads Virginian-Pilot - In the past year, Congress has had time to ponder the content of school lunches, to bemoan the demise of the incandescent light bulb, to grandstand on the national debt and motto, to decry government regulations hampering economic activity. Yet it has all but ignored the pleas from the postal service, a self-sustaining organization being crushed under the weight of a 2006 law passed by - you guessed it - Congress. Editorial: Postal Service bites nose to spite face | Editorial: Rooting for USPS to find a sustainable business plan  | It's Imperative for USPS to Meet Delivery Standards (12/08) |

USPS, Two Unions, Continue Negotiations to Midnight, Dec. 16

Updated! ..the contracts with the National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO (NALC) and the National Postal Mail Handlers Union, AFL-CIO (NPMHU) expired at midnight Sunday, Nov. 20, the Postal Service and the two unions agreed to extend the negotiations deadline until midnight, Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2011.NALC contract talks extended again until Dec. 16th  (12/06) |

Postal Workers Behaving Badly

Washington Post -Most of the 574,000 employees of the U.S. Postal Service complete their appointed rounds and quickly move envelopes and packages to final destinations. But some postal workers steal mail, burn it, hoard it or claim thousands of dollars in fraudulent workers compensation claims, according to a new watchdog report. (12/07) |

USPS changes: How they’ll affect the 2012 campaign
Slate - Campaign consultants who specialize in direct mail might not admit it, but some of them are surely thrilling at the latest U.S. Postal Service cutbacks to first-class service. For years, their challenge was getting a quick look from a voter who might also be juggling freshly arrived love letters, holiday cards, or bank statements. The swift disappearance of most bills and handwritten envelopes from what mailers call “the postal stream” over the last decade has abruptly improved the odds. (12/07) |

Editorial: USPS Financial Crisis, Self Inflicted?

by Mike Nodine - The United States Postal Service is being stolen from its intended purpose and mission to primary provide a service to individual American Citizens. Those in charge of USPS, including Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, intend to “repurpose” the US Postal Service as a quasi-Government entity with its primary focus to provide First Class Service to commercial mass-mailers at Second Class Mail postage rates often below operational costs. It appears the primary goal of their plans is to ensure the commercial for-profit mailing businesses can preserve, maintain and maximize their profit margins at the expense of individual American Citizens who have, or at least once had, a Constitutional RIGHT to this Service. Manufactured Crisis About to Cripple the Post Office | Editorial: Stop the Postal Service’s ‘panic selling’ (12/07) |

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Good reason to save the post office

Gerald Ensley: If USPS perishes, many jobs will, too



The Case for Consolidation: Overview of the Postal Service's Request for an Advisory Opinion

California Congressman Calls On PMG To Keep Mail Processing Facility Open In Stockton

Oregon: Protests voiced over cuts proposed for post offices



Senator Tester: Delay Postal Service closures for six months

New York Congressman Introduces Bill to Preserve Postal Services, Cut Costs

Senators Seek to Stop USPS Cutbacks

Saved: A complete list of POs removed From RAOI

Will the Postal Service Save Email from the Grave?



The Public Be Damned: Using the Amtrak Script to Kill the Post Office

Huffington Post - If the conversation about the end of the U.S. Postal Service sounds familiar, it's not just because we've heard variations of it since 1970, when the old Post Office Department became a separate business. It's also because the destruction of mail delivery closely parallels the wrecking of American passenger rail. Apparently the Congress has it in for quasi-public institutions with work forces composed disproportionately of African-Americans.  


Chicago: Postal workers rally against proposed cuts

Cuts to U.S. Postal Service to include next-day, Saturday delivery
Postal worker released from hospital following pellet gun shot

Pitney Bowes expresses patience with USPS financial dilemma



Politico says NALC warns of USPS 'death spiral'

Workers' comp reform has lawmakers crisscrossing partisan lines



USPS Mulls Moving Mail Processing To Burlington

The U.S. Postal Service is considering moving some of its mail processing from the White River Junction post office to facilities in Burlington and Manchester, N.H., but the move would probably not create more jobs in Burlington, spokesman Tom Rizzo said.  Wrong time to cut postal jobs, Sen. Sanders says  |


Nation Reacts to USPS Plans to Cut Service Standards and Reduce Networks

USPS Moves Forward its Ill-Advised Plan to Reduce Service Standards- A service-oriented business such as the USPS should not be cutting service in an effort to save money” said National President John Hegarty. “At such a critical time for the USPS and for the American economy generally, the Postal Service should be improving service and attempting everything in its power to grow the business rather than degrading service. This misguided action is the definition of “penny wise and pound foolish,” as it will simply drive more and more customers away, sending them to the internet, and to our competitors| Sen. Collins Blasts USPS Money-Saving Plan || The Postal Service Plots Its Own Demise | The Nation || Stop! The Poison-Pill that is Killing the Post Office.|| Who Killed the Postal Service? - The Atlantic ||What to Do When the Mailman Slows Your Business Down | Entrepreneur.com|| Farewell, first-class mail || Editorial: Junk mail- A plan to gut the USPS is wrong direction for U.S. || NY Metro APWU: Thursday’s Postal Closing Hearing for Bronx Stadium Post Office to be Flashpoint for Protest  |


Video: Major Cuts to USPS Spending, Staffing to May Take Effect in April 2012

PR Reader: "This could mean early retirements, possibly with an incentive, excessed people have nowhere to go."  Fox News Insider - "The effects will probably not be felt until early April of 2012, said Dave Williams, Vice President of Operations. In a press conference Monday, Williams said that there’s really no choice for the USPS – slashes in spending and staffing simply have to be done.“  |


Kucinich: USPS Privatization Plan Will Hurt Business, Workers and the Economy

The plan from Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe would make extreme cuts including the elimination of over 100,000 jobs, lengthening the delivery time for periodicals up to 9 days, and closing thousands of neighborhood post offices. “These draconian cuts were proposed under the false pretense that the Postal Service is headed towards bankruptcy. We could easily protect the Postal Service if Congress would address the agency’s overpayment into its Retiree Health Benefits program, and allow the USPS to generate revenue in other ways that take advantage of their existing infrastructure and dedicated workers.” Corridore Says USPS Cuts to Hurt Economy |


USPS to file Proposal to lower service standards

"The proposed changes to service standards will allow for significant consolidation of the postal network in terms of facilities, processing equipment, vehicles and employee workforce and will generate projected net annual savings of approximately $2.1 billion." This is part of the overall savings expected from the network optimization initiative, which is projected to save up to $3 billion by 2015. Senator Carper Responds | APWU: USPS Plan Will Hasten Demise Of a Still-Vital Institution

NALC: Reduced delivery standards will harm USPS  |


New Yorkers stamping feet over Postal Service's drastic cutback plans

Netflix will be doomed by USPS cuts



House Dem calls for firing postmaster general; blames Obama, GOP Congress

The Hill- Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) on Monday afternoon called on the the Obama administration to fire Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe in light of Donahoe's announced plan for drastic service reductions at the U.S. Postal Service (USPS)."This guy, this so-called postmaster general, should be fired because of a lack of any imagination or initiative," an angry DeFazio said on the House floor. "He's proposing the death knell for the great United States Postal Service." Video: Congressman: PMG Plan For USPS Means Americans Underserved" |


Magazines Gird for USPS Nixing Saturday Delivery 

Ad Age - Weeklies That Try to Reach Subscribers Before Weekend Would Have Even More Problems Staying Timely -Other magazines aren't waiting to see what Congress lets the Postal Service do. Bloomberg Businessweek has been developing an alternate delivery system since last year, when it began using newspaper carriers in Philadelphia. Today newspaper carriers deliver some 200,000 of the magazine's roughly 900,000 subscription.  |


Who Should Be The Next Celebrity Stamp?

NPR -"The U.S. Postal Service has waived its rule banning someone from being honored on a stamp until he or she has been dead for at least five years. Host Scott Simon reports the Postal Service has received thousands of nominations from the public for new stamps to honor more recent celebrities, ranging from Billy Graham to Lady Gaga." They hope that putting popular, current faces on postage stamps might make more Americans eager to buy stamps and send mail in an envelope."  |


Postal union honors man who tried to keep post office open

Top 10 things every fed should know before retiring

Week in Review: More news, more of the same

Arbitration between the USPS and NRLCA Begins Today

USPS to close 12 Capital Region Branches



What were you thinking, Mr. President? Obama nominates Hammond to the PRC

On Friday the White House announced that President Obama was nominating Tony Hammond as the fifth commissioner on the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC). No offense to Mr. Hammond, but that’s probably not good news for communities trying to save their post office or processing plant, and it’s not good news for postal workers either. With a Republican-dominated PRC, [ until 2016]  it’s hard to imagine many appeals on post office closures winning a “remand” decision.  It’s been hard enough getting a victory with two Democrats and two Republicans.  Of the last twenty decisions, just two were remanded, and only Chairman Goldway has issued dissents from decisions to affirm the closing. Importance of PRC Appointments | Precedent Provides Hints about how PRC Will Rule on USPS Service Changes  |


The Junking of the Postal Service
New York Times - “The post office is in the final stage of decaying into total irrelevance,” ..The fact is that the primary beneficiary of the United States Postal Service today is arguably the advertisers whose leaflets and catalogs flood our mailboxes. In fact, to compensate for projected declines in “real” mail, the Postal Service has been aggressively promoting the use of new services for advertisers like Every Door Direct.. “One could argue that the real customer of the Postal Service is now the direct mailer; it is a channel for advertising,”   |

USPS Proposing to Close 3 Congressional Post Offices

DC Postal Robberies May Be Connected

Attack on postal worker lands man behind bars



Postal workers aren't 'excess' to be jettisoned to cut costs

Don't you love the euphemisms that employers substitute for the word "layoffs"? Instead of saying, "We're firing you and ending your livelihood," they "downsize," "right-size" or "maximize efficiencies." They all mean the same thing: Employees are screwed. |


President Obama Names Republican Tony Hammond to PRC

- Tony Hammond served on the Postal Regulatory Commission and its predecessor agency, the Postal Rate Commission, from August 1, 2002 to October 7, 2011. Earlier this year, APWU Region Coordinator Omar Gonzalez urged postal employees to call upon President Obama to appoint a Democrat to the Postal Regulatory Commission. President Obama has appointed 3 Republicans to the PRC. The PRC is now composed of Two Republicans and Two Democrats.  |


USPS in need of 90 Rural Carriers Associates in the South Carolina

Dallas City Officials Write Letter to PMG About Loss of Dallas Postmark and Potential Closures

Alaska Delegation Refutes USPS Inspector General Bypass Mail Report



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